Do Well by Doing Good

Message from Chairman

Be kind. Do good. Win big.

Who doesn’t want to get rich in his right mind?
Who doesn’t intend to do good for good’s sake sometimes?

Ours is a group of recent retirees and it happened that we started communicating about the above at the height of COVID-19 in 2020.

We consider ourselves the lucky ones: our parents navigated hardships and started from scratch to provide us with a wholesome education. We grew up worry-free, enjoyed Taiwan’s economic miracles, and benefited from the advancement of science and technology - at the cost of overdrawing from future resources.

We are no strangers to the idea of giving back to the communities where it was taken from, and the creation of tiia followed to manifest our aspiration in linking Taiwan to the heartbeat of the world in the latest investment development to do justice to SDGs. We aim at pooling resources from regulatory bodies, industries, academics, and like-minded R&D initiatives for the tiia platform to agitate and promote SDGs to ‘Do Well by Doing Good’ as well as to ‘Create Fortune by Honoring Justice’.

There is a lot in Impact Investment worthy of exploration from both sides of supply and demand, and tiia lends itself as a proper interface and catalyst to facilitate future work in depth and width. It is our hope that, with the support of the government, tiia will point the direction and lead the way in Taiwan’s endeavors to contribute to SDGs. We look forward to welcoming you on board.

Chief Executive Officer

David CHANG Ta-Wei

Chairman, CCIS Inc. Ltd.


It all started in February 2018, when

The idea first struck us to explore the potential of launching an Impact Investment initiative in Taiwan, while some of us were attending a workshop in Seoul, Korea. Details follow.



By invitation, three Taiwan representatives attended the Asian Impact Investment Workshop in Seoul, Korea. These were:  Professor FENG Yen (former Minister without Portfolio and National Taiwan University Professor), LIEN Ting-Kai (former B Lab Taiwan Chairman), and CHEN Yi-Chiang (B Current Impact Investment Managing Director & Co-Founder). They reached the conclusion to file for membership of the NAB (National Advisory Board) of the UK-initiated GSG (the Global Steering Group for Impact Investment).




Informal tiia pre-meeting #1 of the tiia-ecosystem in the making



Informal tiia pre-meeting #2 for warm-up exercises for preparations to qualify for a GSG Taiwan NAB application.




Informal tiia pre-meeting #3.



Taiwan’s first-ever Impact Investment-specific publication with the title ‘Do Well by Doing Good’authored by Fulbright Scholar WU Dao-Kuei came off the press.




The Preparatory Office for the Taiwan Impact Investment Society (tiis) was called into being jointly by WU Dao-Kuei, CHEN Yi-Chiang, Professor CHOU Xing-Yi (former NCCU President and Professor of Financial Management), CHEN Fu-Wei (former CEO, National Federation of CPA Associations of ROC), and David CHANG Ta-Wei (former Managing Director of CCIS-cum-CRIF).




The tiis inherited the pre-tiia ecosystem and invited its 70-plus associates to formally launch the tiis officially.




Taiwan’s Interior Ministry responded in writing that the tiis-case was formally acknowledged with the permission to proceed.





A tiis-preparatory meeting was convened to evaluate name change from that of a ‘society’ to ‘association’.




tiia convened its Initiators Conference & 1st General Assembly of Members with a consequent joint meeting by the board of directors and supervisors.



tiia Forum Series #1 – International Case Studies of Impact Investment & The Government’s Role and Functions   

(Panelist: YEN Xin-Xi, President, MIH Capital Management)




tiia curated the 2021 APSIS* Roundtable on High-level Policy under the auspices of Taiwan’s Executive Yuan. 

(*Asia-Pacific Social Innovation Summit)




tiia Forum Series #2 – On Affordable Housing & Possible Diversification in Line with the UN-SDGs

(Panelists: HUA Jing-Chun (Deputy Interior Minister), YOU Zhao-Wen (Chairman, First Financial Holdings), HO Rih-Sheng (Deputy CEO, Tzu Chi Foundation ), PAN Xin-Rong ‘Lifetime Co-Habitat’(Chairman, Jiou Loh Enterprise))




The 2nd joint meeting by board directors and supervisors convened.




tiia-Forum Series #3 – Future Prospects of the 7 SDG-designated Investment Strategies: A Taiwan Perspective

(Panelists: CHIH Xiang-Lin (Dean, Business School, National Taipei City University),  Mme. CHENG Shu-Fen (Chief Investment Officer, Cathay Financial Holdings), Joseph HSIEH Wen-Yuan (Chairman, DoublePortion Capital))


tiia Strategies

Impact Investment operates on the twin bottom line of both ‘impact’ and ‘return’ to redefine capitalism. It optimizes private capital to help solve public issues, and as such, it is quickly becoming a trending, global mainstream. At tiia we endeavor to institutionalize an impact investment ecosystem to agitate and promote like-mindedness and help facilitate the materialization of SDGs in Taiwan. Our strategic priorities are as follows.

  1. Stay in sync with SGS NABs and other worthy international bodies to promote impact investment and influence policy-making.
  2. Work in tandem with relevant counterparts in all sectors public and private to heighten the visibility of impact investment, and strengthen the credibility of its tools by actual practice.
  3. Curate knowledge of trade contents and create a social platform for the dissemination of research findings and case studies.

tiia Working Committees



Research and development of impact investment-centric literature, trends, practice, tools, and products.


International Liaison

By staying abreast with the up-to-the-minute international development of our trade, this Committee interacts with relevant international bodies for the exchange of information and business opportunities.


Promotion & Publicity

By organizing events publicized by the media for sharing target information, this Committee focuses on reinforcing impact investment’s mass appeal for ever-increasing public buy-in.



The main task of the Training Committee is to design and compile teaching manuals for study modules that facilitate cooperation with universities and worthy counterparts.


Membership Growths

This Committee is entrusted with the responsibility to grow membership via social media and other appropriate means to increase members and incentivize involvement and participation.


Public Policies

By staying on top of the policy-making of regulators abroad and at home, this Committee is charged with duties to influence impact investment-relevant policies by winning government RFPs, submitting actionable recommendations, etc. to positively impact public decisions.


Campus Initiatives

tiia aims to hold events on university campuses to increase awareness among college students for grassroots campaigns via education and hands-on seminars featuring practitioners owning successful cases.

The Way Ahead

To concretely substantiate a positive future for Impact Investment in Taiwan, tiia sees as its calling to align resources for a sound ecosystem and corresponding action plans by consolidating support from relevant bodies and organizations domestic and foreign for the optimization of R&D, education, and social groups. Details follow.

International Forum

Forum Series

The annual international forum is our gala event of the year. It is the tiia platform for consensus-building with key audiences across-the-board among other functions such as information exchange, performance check, membership growth, as well as to showcase impact investment theories put to good use in practice. Ultimately, the annual tiia international forum is the world’s window on how tiia solidifies progress and development of impact investment in Taiwan in living up to the lofty vision ‘Private Capital, Public Good’while creating value for the SDGs.

Forum Series

The Forum Series is a bi-monthly tiia feature that explores relevant topics, eg. the eradication of hunger and poverty, gender equality, digital equal rights, energy efficiency, circular economies, etc.) Topics can be taken from different disciplines and categories to address asset (companies publicly listed or private), ecosystem, financial innovations, and/or the development and use of management assessment tools.


tiia welcomes the opportunity to cooperate with outside partners in organizing and curating audience-facing engagement to enhance positive public awareness of impact investment.

Knowledge Platform

Campus Tours

Impact investment has amassed an enormous wealth of trade-specific knowledge internationally in the past decade. It covers methodologies, analysis, tools, opportunities and risks, and cutting-edge innovations. It is an imperative for tiia to prioritize the introduction of such vital information, if we are serious about finding a firm footing for impact investment in Taiwan.


The tiia Reading Club and Knowledge Platform serves to introduce and agitate impact investment-themed literature and information to share, disseminate, and to impact by implementing the following.

Campus Tours

tiia plans on cooperating with universities, business communities, government agencies and financial institutions to conduct a sizeable lecture series and other crowd-facing activities themed on ‘Impact Investment for SDGs’and similar topics towards cultivating enthusiasm among the students and entice them to learn about tools and applications of the subject matter. Campus tours and other tactics such as competitions and courses will all be part and parcel of tiia’s ambitions as a trend-setting front-runner in launching certification programs in Taiwan for impact investment.


Research Projects

To author, translate, and publish titles on impact investment. In contrast to random individual articles publicised by the media, books on the subject matter can afford the depth required for systematic discourses. They can also become required reading as part of college syllabuses , besides being instrumental in serving as key references for general investors, investment professionals, as well as government agencies. They are practically building blocks for future development of impact investment.


tiia publications serve to

  1. Accumulate and disseminate trade-specific knowledge.
  2. Facilitate recognition and approval of impact investment.

Research Projects

tiia plans on securing institutional cooperations at home and abroad to research and develop domain intelligence and expertise for holistic future development of impact investment in Taiwan. Thus accordingly the scope will cover the ecosystem, organization structure, policies and governing laws, tools and applications, financial innovations, norms and standardization, etc., that are primarily more practical than theoretical. By way of such desired cooperations we hope to keep Taiwan internationally connected at all times in the space of impact investment. We further hope that solid studies on the subject matter will furbish Taiwan with a strong foundation to go for the potentials afforded by impact investment.